Service Learning Experience Reflection

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Over the course of the semester, I had the opportunity to do Service Learning Hours for my class. I got my hours from two different ways. Being able to do the Service Learning Hours, made me feel great that I was able to give back to the community in some sort of way, even if it wasn’t a significant amount. Even though it may not be much, everyone was still very appreciative and glad that I was able to help.
At the beginning of the semester, our whole class was supposed to try and gather supplies for children that were affected by the hurricanes in Texas and in Puerto Rico. I was lucky enough to work in a local casino, Rising Star, in the hotel department, and we happened to have old lotion and combs. My boss was generous enough to let me have them for donation. It turned out that I was the only one in my class that was to gather items, so I was able to donate to the hurricane victims, but I was able to donate those items to an organization in Cincinnati that puts purses together for women. They were trying to get things to put in those purses, and I was able to donate the things I gathered to them. When donating the two things, they were very thankful and gracious.
Toward the end of the semester, I was able to volunteer at one of the local schools, Ohio Country Elementary Middle School, which happened to be the same school I attended as a child. At the school, I was able to give back to the teachers that happened to be my teachers in elementary school. It also gave me

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