Service Manager Interview Questions Essay

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Interview Questions Q1. If we used an external organization to help us develop part of our service, what would that be called? Q2. Can you name a risk that might occur whilst designing a service? Q3. Can you name 3 types of SLA? Q4. In your opinion, what should an SLA contain? Q5. Why would you use SACM? Q6. What is an OLA? Q7. Why do we need CSFs? Q8. When would we create a Service Design Package? Q9. What type of information would you store in the Service Catalogue? Q10. Can you give an example of a policy? Q11. Why would you use Change Management? Q12. What are the steps you would follow when a Change Request comes in? Q13. What information would you attach to a Release Policy? Q14. What inputs…show more content…
What is ITIL? 2. What is IT Service Management (ITSM)? 3. What are the main differences between ITSM and ITIL? 4. Are you ITIL certified? 5. Is it possible for an organization to be ITIL certified? How? 6. What is ISO 20000? How does it relate to ITIL? 7. What is an IT service? 8. What does service management excellence mean to you? 9. What is the business value of ITIL? 10. What are the benefits of ITIL? Are there any drawbacks to using ITIL? 11. Why has ITIL become such a popular framework? 12. What are the stages of the ITIL lifecycle? 13. What is the most current version of ITIL? 14. How does ITIL help to reduce costs and minimize total cost of ownership (TCO) for IT investments? 15. Is it possible to calculate a return on investment for ITIL? How? 16. Does ITIL improve time to market for new IT services? How? 17. Does ITIL reduce IT risks? How? 18. What challenges might an organization have to implement ITIL processes? 19. What tools are required
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