Service Supply Chain : Walmart

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Service Supply chain:
Walmart has one of the largest supply chains in the world, it’s successfully delivering products to 200 million customers more than 11000 stores in 27 countries. The phenomenal growth of Wal-Mart is associated to its continued focus on customer needs and reducing cost through efficient supply chain management practices. In general, the step of SCM it follows are begins from suppliers who row materials, equipment’s and other ingredients to manufacturer, manufacturer use those materials to produce finished goods, from manufacturer Walmart purchase huge products then transport it to distribution centers then to retail store to customers. For online sells, it passes ordered products directly from nearby stores or
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Therefore, it is important to determine up to date information about consumers changing behavior as well as their current expectations or need. Below are some needs of Walmart customers that need to be address and must convey it in SCM:
• If customer visiting in store are not satisfied than Walmart could lose both online and store customer. Many customers complained about long check-out lines, poor customer service, poor selection. Although to solve those problems they provide in store Kiosk services, customer survey taking option to address customer’s concern, but the company need to hire and train more associate not only to provide service in store but also in 24hr online services
• Walmart’s needs to target high income customer to successfully grow online rather than only focusing on middle income shoppers. Apparently, People who has higher households or personal income tend to shop online more and willing to give up shipping fee.
Bottom line is, Walmart’s need to reconnect with its customers and employees by updating its management system. Additionally, to improve online services the company needs to include more items for upper income customers, and need to put more emphasis on effective customer service.

Obtain high quality suppliers:
Since Walmart directly buy finished goods from manufacturer or supplier, it is important to put more emphasis to obtain high quality supplier to hold customer’s reliability. According to the wall street journal
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