Sethe And Lineon Relationship

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This essay will further compare two novels {beloved Toni Morrison; Chains Laurie Halse Anderson} and their protagonists Sethe and Isabel. Through the comparison the essay will answer the question of what similar factors lead each character through the novel to their deferring circumstances and different character development. Through the use of themes and evaluating what socioeconomic factors had a play in both characters lives we will prove that family and impacts of slavery {when free or not} lead both to their deferring circumstances and character development.
Let’s begin with evaluating the characters first, Sethe is the protagonist of the novel beloved. She is a freed slave from Sweet Home plantation, she lives in 124 {a house on 124 Bluestone …show more content…

Family also plays a role in their now and where they as characters end up because certain choices stem from the love, protection and loyalty to family. The maternal bond between Sethe and her children conclude her own individuality and prevent her from furthering herself. Sethe develops a motherly love that results in the murder of one daughter, her own “best self,” and the boycott of Denver from the black community, both of these lost in an attempt to keep her “fantasy of the future,” for her children, from a life enslaved. However, Sethe fails to recognize her daughter Denver’s need for interaction with this community in order to enter into womanhood. Denver finally succeeds at the end of the novel in establishing her own self and embarking on her individuation with the help of Beloved. Contrary to Denver, Sethe only becomes individuated after Beloved’s exorcism, at which point Sethe can fully accept the first relationship that is completely “for her,” her relationship with Paul D. This relationship relieves Sethe from the ensuing destruction of herself that resulted from the maternal bonds controlling her life. Beloved and Sethe are both very much emotionally impaired as a result of Sethe’s previous enslavement. Slavery …show more content…

In beloved we have a mother missing her child similar types of thematic story lines lead them to their final character development through socioeconomic problems of their

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