Sethne Garner Being A White Woman Analysis

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Since Mrs. Garner is viewed as a sympathetic slave owner, Sethe admits that she “told Mrs. Garner on em’. She had that lump and couldn't speak but her eyes rolled out tears” (10). Mrs. Garner lacks a voice in the Antebellum South. Her identity as a woman fails to hold weight in the presence of white men, specifically with Schoolteacher and his nephews. Noticeably, there is a difference between Sethe and her slave master Mrs. Garner. Mulligan indicates that “owning slaves was a way for Southern women to both excel in their domestic role and exert high levels of dominance over the slaves” (Mulligan 8). As a slaveholding white woman, her prejudice and economic sentiments will not permit this stable protection that Sethe wants for her children.
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