Seven Layers in the OSI Model

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1. This class made me learn quite a lot. Though it was a course I have done in my under graduate, this class helped me to learn more about the networking. The class was interactive and fun, the lab sessions were very helpful. The project was one of the best parts of the whole course. It made me look into and study about various new protocols in networking and finally I could get an idea on how I could design a protocol by myself. The most important thing I learnt in this class is the detailed functions and uses of every later in the OSI model, and I also realized that TCP is the most important protocol of all that I learnt. It is very reliable and provides acknowledgement, and is a full duplex process. It provides congestion control and flow control and is also a connection oriented service. On an overall this class made me learn a lot that would always be very helpful to me. 2. The seven Layers in the OSI model are Physical Layer, Link Layer, Network Layer, Transport Layer, Session Layer, Application Layer and the presentation Layer. Each layer has a specific function to perform and consist of different protocols. Physical layer is the lowest one and handles transmission and reception of messages over the medium. Then comes the link layer , it allows error free transmission of the data frames in the physical layer. The network layer takes care of processes like routing, traffic control and fragmentation of the data. The next one is the transport layer, it takes care of the
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