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Sex Slave:
Far from home, drugged, and bruised from head to toe these particular victims not only have and maybe still living a nightmare, but are scattered around the world in a binding industry that is close to impossible to stop. In Odessa Ukraine sex trafficking has become more than an issue, it’s become a profitable living for many people. Desperate for money or sold without a clue, these women have become part of a devastating cycle. With a group of detectives and the FRONTLINE’s production team, we see how the system is run and how easy it is to get in with no way out. The team brings in hidden cameras and fake clients to learn just how dangerous these systems can be. One specific group of …show more content…

To sell and trade human beings to sexually use is an issue the whole world has been dealing with and has had no significant progression towards. We can teach in schools to say ‘NO’ to drugs but you can’t teach a child about the dangers of trafficking, in fact, you can barely address the topic with many adults. It’s not that it is a topic we aren’t concerned about, but it is a hard topic to actually have a good conversation over. In the LDS religion, we have no problem watching a movie about someone recovering from drugs or pornagraphy, but if the Mormon church were to display a mormon message (inspirational videos the LDS church makes) about someone recovering from human trafficking, I believe many would find it too hard to watch. We don’t like the subject and especially here in Utah where we are in a so called “bubble”, it’s hard to imagine that it would happen to us personally. Some may not even want to address it because it’s many times assumed that those who are involved with trafficking are runaways who willingly went into the business. You won’t find very many articles on prostitutes being abused in the newspaper, so why would you find women or men who are being sold as prostitutes forcefully? The world doesn’t like dealing with something that only the police should have to deal with. It’s not really something you want to get into and whether if that

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