Sex Work And Sex Workers

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Sex workers attributions and systematic play in society have been explored throughout several centuries of global narration. Sex workers have always been an entity throughout history, seen as both symbols of beauty as well as patrons of Satan. The sex worker is not stagnant to one specific gender, but typically has been demonstrated as a female with little identification or recognition in the within modern day. Throughout the course of this semester we have explored examples of how sex work and sex workers are documented within different cultures; along with the western perspective of sex in relation to their country and their global position. The western perspective of sex work and the perception of sex work in other nations have both parallels and opposing ideology of this type of labor. This conflicting philosophy towards sex work has caused internal and external conflict in certain countries. Yet, today it is clear how western influence has inserted itself into many cultures. The traditional, political, social and religious beliefs of countries are being permeated with western philosophy. This is and has created a divide amongst the native people of these nations; creating a clash between traditional and western ideology. The division of western ideology and traditional belief is particularly evident within Southern India, specifically focusing on sex workers. Sex workers in Southern India known as Devadasi have been the center of conflict and the site of
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