Sexual Assault And Sexual Harassment

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Women in combat is a sensitive topic throughout the Armed Forces. Although in January 2013 the Military made the decision to end the ban on women in combat, many still oppose this decision. Many Combat jobs have very strict requirements, such as physical abilities. There are many concerns of women being able to fulfill these types of requirements. Another big concern is the risk of sexual assault and sexual harassment, many people feel that women in combat jobs are at a higher risk of being subjected to these types of things. The safety of our soldiers whether male or female is a big concern for everybody, no matter their position on this particular topic. Women are thought to be sensitive creatures, the worry of their sensitive nature in a combat zone might hinder the mission. Completing the mission is and will always be a major requirement. If a question of mental and physical ability can be proven to complete the job requirements, should this still be an issue? The possibilities of sexual harassment and assault are very serious. Unfortunately, this is an issue whether in the military or not. Sexual crimes happening in college are a serious issue, as a society we cannot tell women not to go to college because there is a greater possibility of being sexually assaulted or harassed. If a person has all credentials, and qualifications to perform a job, they should be allowed to regardless of gender, and safety concerns should enforce preventive measures so that all…
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