Sexual Assault Is The United States Military

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In 2013, nearly 28,700 military members that were sexually assaulted (Cernak). Sexual assault is one of the largest issues in the United States military and it is being handled very poorly. All of the military’s time and money that is being put towards sexual assault is being used for repetitive training that is obviously not working due to the fact the numbers of sexual assaults going the wrong direction every year. Due to this training, victims know the options available to them but, they are not reporting them. Training to educate a predator that sexual assault is not going to reach the issue at its core. Everyone knows that sexual assault is horrible and repetitive scolding is not going to fix the issue. The military needs to understand the significant amount of sexual assaults and also stop putting all their effort in training about sexual assault by taking actions to prevent it such as reestablishing the role of leadership positions. People are often unsure of what sexual assault actually is. Sexual assault occurs anytime that there is not consent given for a sexual action. Dickerson gives the Deportment of Defense’s definition of sexual assault as: The term “unwanted sexual contact” (USC) is the survey term for contact sexual crimes between adults prohibited by military law, ranging from rape to abusive sexual contact. USC involves intentional sexual contact that was against a person’s will or occurred when the person did not or could not consent. The term describes
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