Sexual Deviance And Its Effects On Society

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Sexual nonconformity is a term used to refer to homosexuals and transgender to emphasize that they act against societies assigned roles for genders. These roles are determined by a family’s social location. According to Ocampo children of parents with a social location of highly religious, morally conservative and recent immigrants (Ocampo 7) face a frightening process when disclosing their homosexuality. This is because parents who are closely association with the catholic religion take homosexuality as a sin. Also recent immigrating parents tend to be morally conservative and believed in “machismo.” Otherwise known as males having to act like a real man, be hard inside and out and love only women. As shown in the film “el Canto del Colibri” first generation migrating fathers blamed themselves, believing that their absence during their the development of there is the reason for their homosexuality. On the other hand parents who were raised in the U.S tend to be “more supportive and open about their children being gay” (Ocampo 8). These parents have easier access to resources that approve of the LGBT community, which helps them accept the disclosure. Acosta adds that the gender of the parent also determines how strong they believed in sexual non-conformity. Most scholars characterized their mothers as the most resistant and not acceptable of their disclosure. Acosta shares “the mothers of lesbian daughters reported mourning a perceived loss of connection with their daughters
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