Sexual Harassment And Sexual Behavior

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same tactic in another research, in this research the purpose was to see the attributions a victims clothing can be blamed for sexual harassment and engage in sexual behaviors. The results, consisted of men and women blaming the victim when she was dress provocatively than when she doesn’t wear provocative clothing. In another study, by Ed. M. Edmonds and Delwin D. Cahoon in the article, “Attitudes concerning crimes related to clothing worn by female victims, male and female college students were shown two pictures of a female model, the first one the model is wearing sexy clothing and the other picture the women is wearing non sexy clothing. The students were asked if the women with more revealing clothing was prone to be robbed or raped than the women with more conservative clothing. The response by men and women was indeed the women with more revealing clothing was more likely to be rape and robbed, as well as agreeing that the attacker shouldn’t be held severely responsible for the action. The relationship between the sexy clothing and rape/robbery just clarifies the assumptions that society views women who wear sexy clothing as targets for male aggression. Though there is no accurate information to know the relationship between the criminal behavior the idea of women with revealing clothing as targets sets myths in crimes like robbery demonstrates a bias in society. On the other hand, there has been many research that has proven cases in which the Supreme Court have
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