Essay on Sexual Harassment Case Study

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Individual Case Study #1

1. Is there a case of sexual harassment in this situation or is it only fun?

This is a case of sexual harassment because; the words and actions of fellow employees ultimately made Rosetta quit her job. The technical definition of harassment is when members of an organization treat an employee in a different manner due to that person’s sex, race, religion, age, and etc. Harassment also includes unwelcomed remarks or jokes which make the employee feel uncomfortable. These guys that Rosetta had been working with, as she mentioned were making remarks and asking uncomfortable questions regarding her personal relationships (asking about her boyfriend, asking intimate details and asking if she prefers Canadian men …show more content…

This applies to this situation because Rosetta let the guys knows that she did not like the remarks by sayings “leave me alone” and “mind your own business” and they still continue to make remarks which leads to the second characteristic; conduct must continue despite the complainant protests, finally the third characteristic is complainants cooperation must be due to employment related threats. Rosetta suffered and took the harassment for so long from the fear of the manager, and being fired from her job.

2. If you were Eva, what would-and could-you do? What are the options? What is the probability of success of each option?

Rosetta faced indirect systematic discrimination, which indicates that there is no intention to discriminate, but the system, arrangements, or policies allow it to happen. To begin with, Eva could have talked to the Manager, which she had and it didn’t lead her to positive results. So, she could either go above the manager or go directly to the Human Resource department of that company. This is a long process, which has many steps so Eva could choose to go to the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

The Canadian Human Rights Act is a federal law that permits discrimination anything under federal jurisdiction, for example banks, airlines, government agencies, radio and TV companies. Areas that are not covered but the

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