Sexuality And Its Effect On Adolescent Life

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A. Introduction Understanding about sexuality is very important in maintaining healthy sexual behavior. Limited understanding about sexuality will give negative effects on young adolescent life. There are several implications that are related with low of sexuality comprehension among young adolescent (1). One of the most important implication is that risk of infected by sexual transmitted infection through a risky sexual behavior. Adolescent are considered as an innocent and curious phase of human life, a lot of things to do, explore and learn. This phase of life creates huge curiosity, especially on sexuality (2). Young adolescent have a tendency to absorb various information from anywhere to fulfill their gap in mind and if these…show more content…
According to manual based evidence (4), relevancy is firstly about correlation between the questions and result of the study which should be coincide each other. Secondly, the research has to be about social phenomena and this study is about one of social phenomena that although very interesting but It is rarely touched by research(4,5). • Moreover, this study yield some theories which also a vital point for qualitative research, one of the theories is about the sexuality education in family, which explain that family who have a habit of open discussion about sexuality are more likely to gain a good two way communication compare with those who do not. • The setting is a bit different to my setting because the cultural and religion aspect is quite the opposite where sexuality is considered as taboo to be spoken on daily conversation even in the family (6). However, the problem of adolescent is quite similar where the phase of exploring sexuality causing a lot of problem to the adolescent and the relation between the family and their children (6). 2. Result presentation • The result are clearly presented by the author. Using transcribe of discussion about parent’s idea, statement about parent’s value, concern, aspiration about the sexuality question prepared by the researcher or other topic that pop up during discussion. • The key points of the study are
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