Sfl Fatouma Case Study

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Predication: On 10/08/16, Point Of Contact (POC) Asset Protection Manager (APM) Jackie Manico, contacted APM Jakub Orlando regarding a physical altercation that took place Shift Leader (SFL) Kieta Fatouma and a shoplifter. Facts: On 10/08/16, APM Orlando revived CCTV footage to confirm this allegation. CCTV footage reviled that SFL Fatouma stopped a suspected shoplifter and tried to grab the individuals bag, which escalated the situation and the individual became physical with SFL Fatouma. On, 10/09/16, APM Orlando interviewed SFL Fatouma with Store Manager (MGR) Arssath Uthumalebbe as a witness. During the interview, SFL Fatouma acknowledged that she was aware of the Be Safe Policy and admitted to trying to stop the suspected shoplifter

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