Shared Governance and Retention

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Does Shared Governance Improve Nursing Retention?
La Quinta Roberts
Kaplan University
NU499 Bachelor’s Capstone in Nursing
Natasha Zurcher, MSN/ED, RN, CPN
April 6, 2014


The global nursing shortage has prompted health care systems to seek new strategies to attract and retain nurses. The growing evidence points to the shared governance model of management are as a possible strategy to improve productivity, nurse job satisfaction and nurse retention. There are different models of shared governance, but a clear relationship exists between nurse practice environment and higher retention rates. Research found long hours, and unsupportive practice
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Shared governance grew in popularity because of nurses’ dissatisfaction with hospitals administration but waned in interest in the 90’s. Shared governance has suffered from a variety of names and interpretations and although these definitions differ in their depth, common words like autonomy and empowerment and collaboration always arise. Shared governance is a professional model for nurse management which leads to nurse autonomy, empowerment, job satisfaction and improved patient outcomes. Research show nurses want a professional, autonomous environment for practice that recognizes the value of its nurses, and allow greater control over the practice environment. Proximity to job and monetary gain was listed as less important. Administrators utilize this form of management to enhance recruitment of professional nurses, maintain a stable professional, workforce that deliver safe effective cost conscious care. Some nurses will argue shared governance is just a organizational model of management, and “various factors lead to turnover, including excessive physical and psychological demands, unsupportive environments and long shift work” (Trinkoff, Johantgen, Liang, Gurses, Storr, Hopkinson, Han, 2010 p. 309).
The councilor model is used by Magnet Hospitals and it is the most popular. Hospitals do not have to be Magnet to have this shared governance structure. The main tenets of this structure is charters that have an
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