Delegation in Nursing

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A Discussion of Various Perspectives on Delegation in Nursing Jessica Abbott University of Central Florida ABSTRACT: Delegation refers to the practice of a registered nurse assigning certain tasks and activities to other people while still maintaining responsibility for the actions of the others to whom responsibility has been delegated. The act of delegating assumes that the delegator has a certain amount of trust in the person to whom they delegate. Additionally, quality communication is paramount in maintaining superior patient care when delegating tasks to others. One signifigant obstacle to delegation is ensuring that the proper tasks are delegated to the appropriate individuals. The organizational structure and leadership …show more content…

Resha 's qualms about the particularities of the implementation of delegation don 't detract from her general support for the practice of delegation as such. Statement of Counter View The main argument against the practice of delegating nursing responsibilities is that organizational structures often fail to ensure that the people receiving the delegated responsibilities are qualified to accept the delegation. Resha (2010) discussed this to some extent, but believed that the practice on the whole was worthy. However, it could be argued that by its very nature, delegation creates a discrepancy between the person performing a nursing action and the person responsible for that action. This could have negative consequences on quality of care, because if a nurse isn 't responsible for her own actions, then she may perform her role less effectively than she would if she had to take responsibility for her performance. As Reising and Allen (2007) write, delegation may be encouraged as a way to decrease costs and deal with low staffing levels, but it can also put the organization at increased risk for law suits if carried out improperly. Both aspects of this warning are instructive. First, Reising and Allen seem to suggest that delegation primarily emerges as a result of practical considerations

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