Sharepoint: Analysis Of The Pricing Desk Process

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Summary: The focus this week was on uncovering any and all existing data related to the Pricing Desk process. Any metrics that measure the cycle time is of extreme importance.
Also George Gram and I created a repository within SharePoint to hold our process improvement documents. Going forward all of our artifacts can be found there.
Activities completed this week:
• Pricing Desk Metric Discussion o Met with Matt Lamkin and Russell Peck to understand what Pricing Desk data is collected on a regular basis. o A result of the discussion led to the discovery that a large percentage of quotes are considered useless. This finding will assist in the analysis of the Pricing Desk process.
• SharePoint Planning Discussion with Amaeze o George and I met with Amaeze to understand the functionality of SharePoint.
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o The folder maintains training material, templets, and a project repository.
• Pricing Desk Value Stream Map o Worked with Nic Huggins, Pricing Desk Team Lead, to build a Value Stream Map of the Pricing Desk process. o The Value Stream Map is rather limited due to the lack of accurate data, however the data gathered allows us to build a starting point for future analysis. o The findings will be shared with the senior leadership.
Activities expected to be completed next week:
• Meeting with Keith to discuss Pricing Desk Process Improvement
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