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Sharing Facebook Password
Employers and schools nowadays evaluate applicants from their social media accounts. For example, the applicant’s Facebook profile could be used to get information such as age, residence and even academic history. What worries Joanna Stern in the article, “Demanding Facebook Passwords May Break Law, Say Senators” is the fact that employers and schools require employees and students to give their Facebook passwords to access their profiles. This practice poses unanticipated legal liabilities. Thus, government officials have rose against the practice. Indeed, requiring a user to share Facebook account’s password for access to the user’s profile is morally wrong and does not meet its intended objective.
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Such information could cause organizations to make wrong conclusions on a user based on the wrongful information on the user.
However, this practice has been noted to be beneficiary in understanding the character of an employee or student. Going through their profiles would reveal more on their relationships and interactions with other people. This would help organizations get the rightful applicants because an error in this could result in irreparable harm. Even so, as this practice becomes widespread, people would always clean their accounts before interviews to depict the needful and erase the undesired. This way, employers and schools would not gather useful information as the profile would have been customized to impress. Additionally, people could operate Facebook accounts to be used for interviews. Such accounts would contain what would be considered desirable for interviewers. They would have other accounts for normal socialization. Therefore, at the end of it, interviewers who access their Facebook accounts get wrong information on the interviewee.
Despite the increased practice of requiring interviewees to provide passwords for their Facebook accounts so as to analyze their profiles, the practice does not meet its goals. It is an infringement into people’s privacy thus illegal. More wrong than right information would be retrieved as most people use disguised identities on social media.

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