Sharla Mcbride: Planet Popcorn

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Sharla McBride, Planet Popcorn Owner, open planet popcorn as a hobby in 1999. In 1999, while camping with friends, Sharla had her first taste of Kettle Corn popcorn, and fell in love with it. Sharla then went off to purchase a popcorn machine to learned how to make the kettle corn popcorn. Sharla began selling her kettle corn popcorn to make a second income at fairs on the weekend. She later landed her first contract in October 2005 at Disneyland to open a Popping Fresh Kettle Corn cart in Downtown Disney. A second concession stand was later open in November 2005, and from that Planet Popcorn blossom. Planet Popcorn became a multimillion dollar company with majority of its revenue coming from Disneyland and fairs such as Los Angeles county

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