Sherlock Holmes Compare And Contrast

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Arthur Conan Doyle or nowadays BBC Sherlock Holmes
What differences or similarities remain between Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and nowadays BBC version of the sherlock holmes story, characters, and technology? In this paper, you will find out about the differences and similarities of theses two versions. This paper will include the similarities and differences of communication and crime in technology, characters will include the differences and similarities of their attitudes and lifestyle in the characters, both book, and tv show. The last paragraph will include all of the questions answers in this paper.
Technology has changed drastically since the 1800s when the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock took place. Communication has changed from telegrams, verbalizing, and mail to phones, email, verbalizing, and mail, only two similarities stand from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's version, mail and verbalizing. Communication may be the most important part of the sherlock holmes stories without it in
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Although most of them are irrelevant, except for the adaptations this paper will be focusing on, BBC and Sir Conan Doyle's. Attitudes have had very small changes such as Watson questioning Sherlock more in BBC then in Sir Conan Doyle's which Watson almost seems to never do in Doyle's version. Sherlocks personality changes from precise, controlled and gentlemen like to reckless out of control and almost never a gentleman in BBC version, Watson's wife who was a calming factor in Watson life became just as mania as Sherlock's maybe more. Lifestyles Sherlocks and Watsons slightly change from the books except for modernizing the story although this not the case with Watson's wife Mary Watson her life changes drastically for instance she had a life of a assassins before marriage with her husband John Watson which goes back to her changing from a calming factor to a mania in Watson,s
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