Sherlock Holmes Summary

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Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson arrive at the hotel in London where Sir Henry is staying. They find Sir Henry very mad because another boot was missing. He said the first boot that had been taken away had been put back, and a second old black boot was now gone. None of the hotel staff knew anything about this. They also discussed who the person following Sir Henry could be. The only person they know at Baskerville Hall who has a black beard is the butler, Mr. Barrymore. To figure out if Mr. Barrymore is at home, they decide to send him a telegram and to deliver it in person. If he is not there, the telegram would be returned to the sender. Sherlock Holmes then says that Sir Henry needs a bodyguard at Baskerville Hall. He said that Mortimer is too busy to be able to do that, and he says that he is too busy with commitments so tells everyone that Dr. Watson will go with Sir Henry to Baskerville Hall. As they try and figure out more clues about the case, they get word that Mr. Barrymore is in Devonshire because he was there to receive the telegram. Also, the cab driver who Sherlock Holmes had sent for earlier comes to their door. He tells Homes that the bearded man who he had driven around claimed to be a detective. He had told them to say nothing to anyone. Strangest of all, the man had claimed to be named “Mr. Sherlock Holmes”. Holmes is very surprised and also amused.

On the morning that Dr. Watson, Dr. Mortimer and Sir Henry leave for Baskerville Hall,
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