Sheryl Sandberg Analysis

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Brock Baggarley
Mrs. Lynne Adams
English 1101- 2nd Period
7 September 2017
Word Count: 772

Moving Forward
I’ve often experienced feelings of regrets because of risks I have taken or not taken and words I have said or left unsaid. I sometimes think about how I will deal with these in my future life and how I will cope with grief and other emotions as I grow older. In her book, Option B, author Sheryl Sandberg helps me deal with moments like these. She states, “Of the hundreds of answers, most had one thing in common: the majority of regrets were about failure to act, not actions that failed. Psychologists have found that over time we usually regret the chances we missed, not the chances we took. As my mom often told me when I was growing up, ‘You regret the things you don’t do, not the things you do’ ” (Sandberg 145). The lasting impression that this narrative will leave with readers includes having no regrets, living life to its fullest, and grieving is a natural emotion. Sandberg discusses how to live life without regret and deal with grief as a natural emotion that everyone will experience.

When a person loses a loved one, the hardest emotional phase that we experience is grief. Within grief, regret is common by remembering the opportunities that have been lost. Sheryl Sandberg states, “I thought constantly about how if I’d known that Dave and I had only eleven years, I would’ve made sure we spent more time together. I wished that in the hard moments in our marriage, we
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