loss and grief

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Almost everyone in the world experiences an event which can be considered as a loss. It is the disappearance of something or someone important to an individual, grief is the natural response to the loss, people feel a range of emotions when they suffer a loss such as shock, panic, denial, anger and guilt. Death is one of the major events associated with loss but there are many others that occur which can also have a negative effect on someone’s life by impacting in various ways.

A description of a range of losses which may trigger grief
Any significant loss in our life can cause grief, and individuals can have a mixed range of feelings with regards to their loss. These losses include Infertility where the individual …show more content…

Are lasting in their implications rather than temporary.
Take place within a short time giving little opportunity for preparation.

If these three factors are present during a changing event then Parks explains that the persons ‘assumptive world’ endures major change.(Hnc Social Care Open Learning Pack)

A description of a range of agencies which can offer support to people experiencing loss and grief
A range of agencies who can offer support to people experiencing loss and grief include the following:

Statutory Agencies – The local housing department, Nhs, G.P, department of social security who can help deal with any financial issues arising from the situation and the social work department who can help by providing services such as homecare, occupational therapy and community care.

There is also a large number of voluntary organisations available to support people experiencing loss or grief such as Age concern who help to come to terms with old age and improve later life for everyone, they offer advice and information regarding health and housing and opportunities for training.(Age Cancer Link offers counselling and support programmes to help cancer patients cope with their illness and treatment( Victim Support gives free confidential help to victims of crime. They offer emotional and practical support such as counselling, help to fill out form, getting medical treatment and

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