Shocking the Audience with the Article, Autism Is a Serious Public Health Crisis

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The article “Autism Is a Serious Public Health Crisis” is presented in manner intended to generate a shock reaction in its selective audience. It does this by using scare tactics and repetitious trigger words such as lies, epidemic and crisis. Though this piece is intended to be informative about the autism crisis and the author’s perception of the truth behind its cause, the argument ultimately is one based in ignorance and heavily driven by pathos. The author of “Autism Is a Serious Public Health Crisis”, Anne Dachel, is among other things a former school teacher and an established advocate for autism awareness. She is also the parent of a child who was diagnosed with autism in the early 90’s. This article focuses primarily on what Dachel has titled “the really big lie” and the economical results that an aging population of autistic children will have on the nation. According to Dachel the “big lie” being told is that the increased number of children being diagnosed with autism is as a result of better diagnosing abilities and higher awareness. Dachel expresses her belief that the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is actually making these false claims as to why numbers are increasing in order to cover up the truth behind why autism numbers are on the rise and the CDC involvement in the cause.
Anne Dachel is a major contributor to numerous autism websites, such as “Age of Autism”, a daily online newspaper dedicated to the topic of autism. In this
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