"Shopping" by Joyce Carol Oates

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Love of a Mother
The relationship between a mother and daughter may be very difficult. Today modern women live different lives then a long time ago. A lot of women are single parents and hold a career, therefore making the job of a mother very difficult. There are many complications and heartaches, but then there is always the plus size of love and rewards. This is no exception between Nola and her mother Mrs. Dietrich, characters in “Shopping by Joyce Carol Oates. Nola is obviously trying to spread her wings and fly into a young woman, however; Mrs. Dietrich is having a really hard time letting her go. In Oates short story one is exposed to the hardship that a mother has in watching her daughter transition from a girl
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Mrs. Dietrich often wants to ask Nola questions, but refrains from it. Nola does try to discuss the subject but initially she does not explain her feelings. Then she simply leaves in the middle of the discussion. The chance to communicate is lost. The two still do not understand the other person's side. They never close the gap if they do not recognize that good communication is a result of telling their feelings, listening, and understanding.

At the end of the emotional day Nola's inner child finally does a surface as she begins to cry. “It’s childish helpless crying, as though her heart is broken.”(Oates 193). Like the desire of Mrs. Dietrich, she plays the role of the mother, full of sympathy and protectiveness. She finally feels needed. She finally feels loved. She is allowed to be the stronger one. All throughout the story Nola seems to be strong in her actions and her words. At the end Nola loses strength and becomes weak.

Joyce Carol Oates short story "Shopping" gives an excellent example of the trials a mother and daughter experiences. She shows that each a mother and
Montiel 4 daughter can have wants and needs in the relationship. These things can only be understood if the two communicate to each other. In most situations all the complications and heartaches are worth it be the sweet rewards in-between. Montiel 5
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