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This story is about a miracle. A true miracle. I was 3 when my paw paw Tony, my dad’s dad, had a heart attack. This heart attack should have been life ending, had it not been for my paw paw’s co-worker.
For 30 minutes, this co-worker did CPR while waiting for an ambulance. By the time my parents got to the hospital, my pawpaw was breathing on a ventilator. They were told that there was no hope, that he was not expected to make it even a week.
What happens next? Well the doctor may have said there was no hope, but my paw paw did not need hope. He had something much greater on his side.
For hours a day, my parents, relatives, friends and church members of my paw paw’s church prayed. They prayed without stopping. “My girls, they are too young to lose their grandfather Lord. Please, give them some time to know him.”, my dad prayed. Who would have believed those prayers were answered?
Well sure enough, they were. My pawpaw made it a week. Then, he made it two weeks. Then, weeks turned into months, and the months? They turned into years. Five. Five long, fun-filled, joyous years my pawpaw lived. Five years that I spent with him, my best friend.
I guess now is the time for introducing him. He was an average looking older man, but to me he was so much more. He stood about 5’9, with crystal blue eyes, snowy white hair and a small tattoo on the side of his ring finger that said his middle name, “Ray”. Whenever I would press his tattoo he would make different noises, as if it was a

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