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Hunter Cole welcomed the man with the angry eyes to Dal-Mart. When this man stared at the snake in hell tattoo on the inside of Hunter’s right forearm and then told Hunter to have an especially great time himself, it gave Hunter chills down his spine, especially how he stared at the tattoo on his arm. Most mostly those words and how he said it... “I hope you're having an especially great time...” These words sounded familiar to Hunter, and was in the back of his mind. But Hunter couldn't remember where it came from but it those words meant something important, the same reason he couldn't remember why this man is so damn familiar. It was three months ago when Hunter took this job at the Kangaroo Valley Dal-Mart. Two weeks ago this man …show more content…

Hunter thinks back and forth of what decision to make. The knife was an inch away from his chest when he reflexes to his .38 and fires right between her eyes. The woman’s body falls on Hunter and you could she the other side of the room through the hole between her eyes. Hunter drops the gun and drags the body to the window. The husband busts in the room and looks at Hunter sitting on the window. Hunter throws the body out the window into the bushes below and whispers to the husband. “I hope you're having an especially great time...” This wasn’t the only murder Hunter had ever done, but when he eventually got arrested it was for tax fraud, and not for any of the beatings or home invasions or murders that he did. He ended up serving up to five years at the Nowra Correctional Center. His heart started beating wildly in his chest over the thought that that man had recognized him. But Hunter was wearing a mask on that night, and back then he was as thin as a twig, and by the time he had left the correctional center his body had thickened and changed. These damn Dal-Mart uniforms with the short sleeves and vests! If he were allowed to wear a long sleeve shirt, the man never would’ve seen his tattoo. But still, how could this man be sure from just one tattoo? Hunter wanted to flee, but if he did the man would certainly be sure then. Someone tapped him on the shoulder. Hunter turned and first noticed the

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