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Alayna sat silently as she listened to the Stark girl’s story. Not saying a word until Lyanna had finished not wanting to interrupt just in case she missed out on any details. Alayna was surprised the once hostile She-Wolf had opened up to her so quickly; it was like a dam had busted causing a flood of words to tumble out of the girl’s mouth. Once Lyanna had finished, Alayna nodded and stood from her seat on the ground before moving to collect the wooden shield from the ground, “Well, if you’re going to do this, then you’ll need a symbol?” For the first time since Alayna had met Lyanna Stark, she saw a smile creep it’s way onto the other girl’s face as she too moved over to look at the shield along with her brother, Benjen. Lyanna…show more content…
Completely and utterly exhausted from the day's events, more than ready to sleep. However, that wasn’t what fate intended for her just yet as a firm hand grasped her arm just as she made it to the edge of the tents. “What are you doing out so late, Alayna?” Arthur hissed as he pulled her to him, checking her over in the moonlight as he searched for any sign of distress. Alayna chuckled and shook her head at the knight, “Just out for a stroll.” “Of course.” Arthur snorted, not believing her for a moment, “What were you really doing?” “Exploring.” She informed him, it wasn’t a complete lie. She had been exploring before she caught the Starks sneaking off. He quirked an eyebrow, “At night?” All Alayna can do is laugh as the knight shook his head and offered her his arm. She took it without hesitation, knowing these moments between them would be few and far between. Once again they found a comfortable silence as the pair sauntered through the still living village of tents. Laughter and shouts surrounded them like a shroud, allowing for them to make their way towards her tent without anyone noticing. Everyone was too busy enjoying themselves and celebrating to really pay a Kingsguard escorting a lady any mind. Once they arrived, Alayna thanked Arthur for his time by leaning up to press a kiss to his stubble covered
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