Video Log 18: A Short Story

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Video Log 18: Marisol’s been kidnapped by Alistair Malham. So now Hawking and I are somewhere in the secret tunnels of Malham castle, like rats. But not like the rats we outran when they were trying to escape a flood of moat water that washed them down a shaft and swept them away in the underground river. Yeah, things here in England have gotten pretty complicated. And I won’t even get started on the sleeping charm and Gran.
Right now Hawking’s trying to find the rock that trips the trap door to lead us out of the secret tunnel. That’s him back there muttering to himself. Watch this, Hey, Hawking. It’s a good thing a gargoyle never forgets, right? Whoa there, buddy, a little high on the tension scale, don’t ya think?
Anyway, I hope he finds …show more content…

“Jamie!” She jumped up, eyes wide, lips slightly parted in surprise. “What are you doing here?”
I rushed over to her. For the first time since she was taken, I felt like I could breathe again. “Thank goodness we found you. We’re here to rescue you.”
“You shouldn’t have come.” She glanced at the door, anxiety darkening her eyes. “I specifically told you to not to come here.”
Hawking was at the window. “There’s a latch. We can fly from here”
The lever on the door jiggled.
“Get the window opened,” I said. “We’ve got to go.”
Angry knocking. “Marisol. Open this door immediately!” Marisol stood unmoving, staring at the door. The jingling of keys and someone fumbling with the lock.
“It’s stuck,” Hawking said, pushing on the window with a grunt.
I raced over, and hit the frame with my shoulder. It popped open, and I tottered on the edge. Hawking caught my arm and dragged me in.
The door burst open. Alistair, Merikh and two gargoyles marched in. I scrambled on Hawking’s back. “Hurry, Marisol!” I said, holding my hand out.
She wavered and then stepped towards me.
Alistair leapt, snatched Marisol’s arm and yanked her to him. “You are so full of surprises,” he said to her. He turned his gaze to me. “Step away from the …show more content…

I nodded in agreement.
“I insist.” Alistair put out a hand to shove me onto the love seat.
With his jaws snapping, Hawking lunged for Alistair’s hand. “And I would be his protector,” he snarled.
Alistair jerked away and narrowed his eyes at Hawking. “Control your pet, or I’ll control him for you.”
“He’s not my pet; he’s my friend.” I sat down on the love seat. After throwing Alistair a menacing look, Hawking sat down on the floor beside me.
“Friend?” Alistair smirked. “How like a Bonham to make one your friend.”
“He’s loyal and brave.” I said, my chin jutting out. “And unlike you, I don’t have to force him to protect me and my family, because he is family. And family looks out for one another.” I glanced at Marisol, who sat tense in her chair. “We don’t leave anyone behind.”
Alistair leaned against his desk. “Yes, yes,” he said waving an impatient hand. “Family, loyalty and all the sentimental dribble. But I’m only interested in one thing. I want the amulet.”
“He wouldn’t have brought it with him,” Marisol said. “He’s smarter than that.”
I glanced at Hawking who looked everywhere but my shirt. “That’s right.” I said. “You don’t really think I would’ve brought it with me, do

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