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Title “I really don’t understand what I’m doing right now,” Jared complained. He was working on an extremely difficult math problem that his father had given him. His mother overheard him. She said, “Just let your father help you later. I’m sure he will be happy to explain this to you.” His father had immigrated from Germany. Many people once told him he was just a mini version of him when he was younger. However, there was now a huge difference between them two. One was popular, the other was lonely. That was Jared His face had been disfigured from a terrible fire when he was younger, and many people thought that he resembled a monster. They often turned away in disgust after seeing the scars across his face. However, that was about …show more content…

“Should I come over? Maybe I could help,” Jared asked hesitantly. “I don’t know how much you can do, but come over anyway,” Megan’s mother replied. Jared was terrified because he was almost definitely going to be rejected by Megan’s mother. Also, not only was Megan missing, there possibly was a kidnapper running around. He decided to ignore this, and only wanted to find Megan. He exited his house quickly and messily. His mother shouted at him, but Jared just left without another word. He left and ran straight to Megan’s house, as she had told him the address the day before where to meet her. He then saw in the distance, a hysterical person, who was definitely Megan’s mother. “What should I do here?” Jared asked, extremely worried. Megan’s mother didn’t speak, as she was too traumatized something. “What happened to your face?” Jared had expected this, and felt ashamed. “Look, this isn’t a big deal. I was in a fire when I was younger, and I just want to help your daughter.” Jared explained. With this, Megan’s mom was okay with Jared being with her. “What did you see after you realized that Megan was missing?” Jared asked politely “I saw it, it was this strange person running away, he had lots of makeup, he….” Megan’s mother paused, realizing what had happened. “It was a clown! What is with this world? First, these creepy urban legends, and then a clown actually steals my baby!”

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