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For the rest of the night/morning I had rested up, and went straight to one of the patrol officers that roam the streets in search of some homeless people that “plague” the streets. I had told them all about my suspicions with Master Reginald, but they just had the audacity to laugh. Master Benedict would have not appreciated this, I thought once they stopped laughing and told me to get a move on. I decided then that I would have to avenge Master Benedict on my own, and that would involve breaking into Master Reginald’s home. Still early in the morning, I had made my way to his house, and I had knocked on his door. Master Reginald answered, but before he could stop me, I pushed myself into his house, fully expecting to see signs of …show more content…

I had read the newspaper when the fire was still a big part of my theory that Master Reginald was a part of the cult, and I didn’t remember it because I was so engrossed with the fire that the story about the poisonings didn’t even register until at that moment. First though, I knew that I couldn’t confront him by myself. This was proved by the fact that I was completely dumbfounded when trying to confront him the first time I had thought that he was part of the cult. I knew that I was going to have to involve the some form of authority if I ever wanted to stop the man. But to do that I had to convince the police to come with me so I could prove it to them. Therefore, I needed to show them what I had found, and I planned on stealing some to then bring to the police. Fortunately, I had someone that could help me with this part if the plan. By the time Tom and I had met up and ready to go on our mission, it was already dark out. The perfect time of day for this type of mission. Tom and I had snuck up behind the house of Master Reginald, making sure that no light was coming from it. Then we carefully dug up one of the plants we were planning to take back to the police, but before we could manage to remove the plant from the soil, we heard a man’s voice. Apparently, we were not as sneaky as I thought we were at the time. Master Reginald had found us sneaking around his house, and then before we could come with any ideas of escape, he made us go

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