Grocery Can You Stock Aisle Three Please?

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Grocery Employees
Manager: “Billy can you stock aisle three please?”
Billy: “Yes I will, but let me go to the bathroom first.”
(Billy goes to find Marie)
Billy: “Hey Marie, the manager said to go stock aisle three. I am done with all of my aisles, so I get to sit back in the back until it is time for me to clock out.”
Marie: “Uhm, okay, but why did the manager not come tell me?”
Billy: “She was too busy, so she told me to tell you.”
Marie: “Okay, I will go work on it.”
In the U.S today, the workplace has made a drastic change. Billy does not want to do his job that the manager assigned him, so Billy decides to pend it off on Marie. According to Anthony Mirhaydari from MSN Money, “For the first time since the recession ended, businesses are increasingly unable to squeeze more and more work out of existing workers.” Productivity is no longer what it use to be fifty years ago. Employees leave an everlasting impression on customers. When walking into an IGA grocery store, a customer will experience three different types of employees.
Hard worker First, according to, a hard worker is defined as “one who is industrious and diligent in carrying out tasks or duties.” When thinking about a hard worker, he or she strive and rise above the job task. An employee who works a night shift is to complete a work list which consists of filling these products on the shelves: sugar, eggs, milk, bread, Red Gold Tomato Juice, IGA 2-Liters, 12 packs of cokes,

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