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  • Defiance Against Heavens: Two Suns In The Sky

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    made sure that only the people with royal seal could enter it. The rest 16 wards were divided into three subdivisions, 5 wards in each subdivision. Each subdivision was fortified by a huge brick wall, as for the 21st ward, It was new expansion. Swordsmanship was the pride and joy of Brasill city; Brasill city had produced many famous swordsmen who shook the world by their might. The greatest swordsman of them all was Magnus Yayati, and he wielded the legendary sword ‘Joyeuse’, henceforth the royal

  • Short Story : ' Into The Deadening Mist '

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    Onward, into the deadening mist. Braving the foreboding elements with nothing but flesh, leather and steel. He has said his prayers, and now, as always, he is ready to face his gods with sword in hand. He mused to himself “If I do not return, I will be feasting in the halls of my father’s gods, if I do return, I will be feasting on the juiciest boar that gold can buy.” In either case the glory that Steiner had always dreamed of is now his for the taking. Ever since Steiner was a young man, and

  • Linguistic Devices In Romeo And Juliet

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    Act II, Scene IV of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, opens with an exchanged between Romeo’s companions, Benevolio and Meructio. Having attended Capulet’s party the night before, Benevolio informs Meructio that Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin and sworn enemy of the Montague’s, has sent Romeo’s father a letter. Meructio declares it a challenge, asking, “… is he a man to encounter Tybalt?” Benevolio retorts, “Why, what is Tybalt?,” Meructio elaborates by declaring: “More than Prince of Cats. Oh, he is the coura-

  • Medieval Times: Weapons Used In The Middle Ages

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    include swords, daggers and knives, and polearms. One key weapon in the middle ages was the sword. A sword is a long, sharped edged piece of forged metal that is used for a cutting or thrusting weapon. The basic purpose and physical properties of swordsmanship have remained fairly consistent throughout the centuries, but the actual techniques have varied throughout cultures and time. Most people in the middle ages admire the sword as being one of the most important weapon. Other weapons used in the

  • Personal Narrative: Rubria Shield

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    It was a starry night in the middle of autumn. The streets were calming down from the earlier festival. The stone bricks of the streets were covered in leaves and confetti as I passed the white house's edged with spruce wood. I got farther and farther away from the Melting Dragon-Smith, strolling the same parade passage I was assigned earlier to safeguard the King’s float. I was carrying the new sword and shield I had purchased. The smith, Garash and I were childhood friends. The sword I had gotten

  • White Pant Analysis

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    distinctive as well. From the dress of these people, we could initially estimate their identities and classes. The second element works well for me is the way that the fight was conducted between the two men. The men in white pant with better swordsmanship pressed hard against the other man. His constant attack forced the other man to the upstairs. During the fight on the upstairs, the

  • General George S Patton Career Goals

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    in love with a woman named Beatrice Ayer and they got married in 1910. Two years later, Patton competed in the first modern Pentathlon at the Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden. He did rather well and got fifth place. After the Olympics, he taught swordsmanship at the Mounted Service School

  • How Is George Patton Successful

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    He went to France and started the art of swordsmanship’’ (generalpatton.com). In 1913 Patton was the French Calvary school first master swordsmen (generalpatton.com). He designed and taught a course in swordsmanship while he was still a student (generalpatton.com). His first real battle in the military occurred under the control of the legendary General John J. Pershing on an

  • The Samurai and the Bushido Code Essay

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    The samurai were élite warriors in Japan during the 1200’s to the early 1700’s. Fifth century Japan saw conflicts with Korea and China, but Japan had a very untrained army, with a clumsy Calvary, and poor infantry men (Blumberg 1). The reason was that horses were seen as a burden and were never bred to be strong, fast, and large for war purposes (Blumberg 2). In the 6th and 9th centuries, a series of rebellions in Japan began from the Emishi people of the northern home islands; these country people

  • Arwyn's The Legend Of Ayden

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    Greg Land was the creator of the character Arwyn and the creator of the team Sojourn. Arwyn has the power to intellect, has stamina, swordsmanship, unarmed combat, and is a weapon master.      Arwyn is a women who is former Royal Archer whose family was killed by Mordath's army. Wanting for their deaths, Arwyn made an unsuccessful attempt on the dictator's life, but was rescued by Neven, who gave her Ayden's bow. Arywn was then tasked with finding the five shards of the arrow that killed Mordath