Short Story Of Timmy Vs.

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Timmy is a young boy who has been possessed by a demon. His claim to fame is he locks his victims in his cellar. So far he has captured 5 people but nobody expects it’s him because he is only a small child. His first victim was a man who was floating down on a parachute. Where he landed was in a fountain across the bridge behind his house. The skydiver ran right into the statue in the center of the fountain which knocked him out. Timmy noticing it out of the back window so he grabbed his wagon and began to walk towards the man. Timmy paused for a second then he remembered he wouldn’t be caught because his parents were at work. So he proceeded to put the man in his wagon. While walking towards his house a small plastic card fell out of his pocket, it was his I.D. His name was Walter E. White.…show more content…
He was in a concrete room with one dim light, it had a scale in the corner and a globe on a desk. He then heard a child's voice behind him which
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