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Ms. Bee and Dad wasn’t all strict now because they knew I was trying to go back to school. I’d get a little high, come home, go asleep, play tunes, and help around the house. I had some of my female friends come by and see me. It was cool with my peoples as long as we weren’t banging in the crib. I had one lady who really cared about me; A little thick boned brown-skinned joint from Hunting Park side of Broad Street. She’d ring my doorbell, come in and my parents would let her come right upstairs. She had good manners and was attractive. One evening she came by and I was feeling a bit sick. She seemed worried and asked me if I was OK. I told her that most likely I would be staying in for the evening. We actually had plans to go out that …show more content…

The cops surrounded me and drew their weapons. I was charged with robbery and assault. It was only a few weeks before my eighteenth birthday. My family would be pissed and had every right to be so. I f***** up again being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The cops transported me to the station on 55th and Vine. The precinct was a total dump. Once processed, I was left to rot for three days on cheese sandwiches and ice tea. I try to lie about my age to get out early on ROR and winded up getting transferred up to the Detention Center with the big boys. The guards kept me in the cell for twenty-three hours a day. I confessed to the cops prior to being transferred that I was seventeen. They told me that they were going to teach me a lesson.

While being held at Detention Center, I wasn’t only young boa on the block. There was another guy who was seventeen as well and was being held on kidnapping charges over his kid or something. He told me his story. It was believable. Once released, we’d take advantage of that hour that they gave us. The only other times we could come out the cell was for bathing times and medical checkups. I checked out the Philadelphia Eagles game vs. the New York Jets with about three or four inmates that were younger than eighteen. The stool inside the cell was too cold to sit on and I held in my number two until I got released. What I learnt in the joint is that cigarettes were more valuable

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