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His piercing blue pools dominate my view. There's no need to glance around, I know where we are. The smell of salt water pervades the air, the wind whips around my bare arms, and naked feet, bringing goosebumps to my skin. Once again, we're at the harbour. Angelo moves from my view, allowing the scenic skyline kissing the water to replace him. I scan for the boats tied up to the docks and wait for my command to walk to the edge, where the waves splash up to soak the ground. I no longer hear his voice or see him nearby. Nevertheless, I approach the edge of the dock, preparing to jump into the freezing water. As always, the waves splash against the dock, soaking me, and I automatically embrace myself to conserve the meagre warmth within, …show more content…

“You had us so worried, Princess.” the man's wicked smile gleams. “Please,” my voice quivers, “please, leave me alone.” She raises a hand, causing me to flinch as I await the second slap that never comes. Instead, she taps my cheek. “Oh no, we can’t do that. It has taken us so long to find you and celebrate our little family reunion.” Tears slide down my cheeks. The man wipes a tear away from my cheek with his thumb and sucks on it as he leans closer, still with his vice grip on my shoulder. “I missed the taste of your tears,” he whispers before punching me in the stomach. I'm released from the iron grip, and collapse on the ground, coughing violently as I try to catch my breath. I curl into the fetal position, clutching my stomach and writhing in agony as my tormentor's guffaw at my misery. Aren't dreams supposed to be painless? Yet I feel the pain in my stomach, the pain in my throat, even the pain in my shoulder from his grip. Maybe I'm not dreaming this time, and they have found me and are punishing me for running away. “Hey.” A voice I recognise and have grown to love calls out. Though I wish to stand and run to him, the pain and fear constrain me to the ground. “Who the hell are you?” the male tormentor asks. “Angelo?” I try to call out to him. However, my voice is but a whisper. “Get away from her,” Angelo yells. “Who are you, telling us what we can or can’t do with her?” the man asks. “Eva, are you okay?” asks Angelo. As I open

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