Short Story : Savage Syrup : A Story?

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It was a bright sunny day in the town of Breakfast, everyone was at work. Savage Syrup sat quietly at his desk, although it was very hard to concentrate. He had a conjoined office with Peter pancake and Kip chocolate chip. They are his best friends, but they always argued. “ No Peter!”, “I can do what I want Kip!”. Of course Peter and Kip were friends, but sometimes they didn’t get along. Savage syrup was counting the minutes until he could leave. Savage, Peter, and Kip were all undercover heroes. When anyone was in trouble they went and helped. They all three worked at City hall, on the mysterious cases of violent activity. Savage syrup and Peter pancake were the best of friends, they did everything together. This made Kip jealous, but he didn’t tell them he just gave hints. The next day at work was even worse. “ You now what Peter!”, “ You don’t even want me here do you?”, “No, I don’t” said Peter. The argueing went on and on, like two dogs fighting over a bone. The result wasn’t too pleasant. Savage syrup tried breaking up the mess , but it was no use. Savage laid his head on his desk, and suddenly the arguing stopped. Savage was very happy until he realized what happened. Peter had kicked Kip out. “ I don’t want you in my batter anymore!” ,“Much less my office!”. That was that, Savage sat waiting for Peter to talk to him about it, but a word wasn’t said. The work day was soon over, and peter stormed out without a glance. That night Savage went home to his pantry. He

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