Short Story : ' The Couch '

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I was lounged on the couch, cuddled up with Anthony and watching a movie, well, he was watching a movie. I was taking a nap. Ian played in the kitchen when a scream echoed throughout the house, "HOLY SHIT!" I shot up from the couch, my confused and tired body filling with a panicked adrenaline, "H-huh? Wha- what 's going on?" "DUDE! You gotta try this!" I blinked at Ian who just jogged from the kitchen into the living room. Something his hands was flopping around. He shook it in my direction. I took the warm think from his hands, still a little woozy, "Wh- whatsit?" "SO I USED THE NEW WAFFLE MAKER TO MAKE TWO WAFFLES AND THEN I PUT CHEESE IN BETWEEN THEM AND SMUSHED IT TOGETHER AND I MADE A GRILLED CHEESED WAFFLE!" Ian smiled wide, his blue eyes sparkling and full of excitement. I blinked again, taking a bite of the sandwich. A second passed as I chewed, "That 's the most amazing thing I 've ever tasted." Anthony took his feet of the coffee table and stood up, taking the sandwich from my hand, "Let me try this." Another second passed, "Holy shit." "RIGHT?!" "Ian... you 're a genius." "Yeah, this totally makes up for the blender incident." Everyone took a minute to shiver at the horrible memory of the blender incident. "Can we put a patent on this?" "I think we should." "I 'm going to make this for dinner." "Good idea." "Oh hey, did you ever give Alice the box of goods?" "Goods?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. "I guess not. I 'll go get it." Ian went

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