Short Story : The Story Of The Proud Scavengers '

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*The following story was written to teach the importance of educating children about working hard and having pride the job they do, no matter what others may think. Sometimes in life people don't always get high status jobs. Some may work as garbage men, scavengers, or in low status jobs. Even though people might have jobs with a low status, they should still be proud of doing hard work. It is important to teach children that it doesn't matter what job have when you grow up. What matters is you feel satisfied with yourself and the job you do to support your family.*


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After Jhon finished school for the day, he knew he needed to help his …show more content…

That is okay. We’ll just have to try hard tomorrow."

"It's true father. I also only found a small amount," Jhon said.

"That's the art of living, Jhon. You have to face it strongly,” replied father.

"I understand father. Since you allow me to help you find used goods, my heart is relieved. Are scavengers not also human beings who must be respected," Jhon asked.

"Respect is not always given to those who work hard. The important thing is we work hard and do a good job. Later we will be the ones who will reap the rewards."

As Father and Jhon finished working for the day, both were happy with the work they did and were determined to try again the next day to scavenge successfully.


# Lessons To Learn
Jhon learned from his father that he should be proud of their job as scavengers. Even though they weren't respected for having a low status job, they were able to find materials to support their family and to pay for Jhon to go to school. By helping his father work, Jhon learned how hard his father labored every day to take care of him and his mother and to pay for his education.

This is an important lesson for children to learn. Children should never be ashamed of parents who work hard. Parents may not have glamorous jobs, and children should be taught to appreciate their parents no matter their occupation. It is important for young children to support their parents efforts to take care of their

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