Shorter School Days

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A small portion of us that controls a whole lot is the brain. Recent research indicates that the teenage brain is not fully developed or matured until a person is in their twenties. Therefore even if the teenage brain is not fully developed, lenghtening the school day will not better test scores. Some people like Barack Obama argue that U.S. students are farther behind acedemically than other countries. As a solution Obama suggests to lenghten the school day to increase test scores in America, but research indicates otherwise. The phrase quality over quantity rebutes president Obama's decision to increase school days . In the quote "If the teaching methods used currently are not working, spending time using those same methods is not going to change anything... plus other countries who students score higher than U.S. students actually have shorter school days than U.S. schools currently have" ( In short extending the school day does not always garuntee higher test results, but quality of…show more content…
Refer to the phrase in paragraph one, the quality is better than quantity. In the quote " a researcher in Germany found that a shorter time in school did not affect average students' learning of material in the core academic subjects"( This quote further proves that extending the school day is unnecissary because it does not affect the learning in core academics. In conclusion extending the school day will not increase test scores. Third, expanding the school day costs a lot of money. In the quote "If the proposals were approved they would add two million dollars to a proposed budget of 210 million dollars" ( This quote further proves that the school day should not be extended because it costs a lot more money that people would have to pay. In conclusion the school day should not be expanded because it cost a lot of
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