Should Abortion Be Legal Or Illegal?

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In America, the argument about whether abortion should be legal or illegal has last for more a century. Abortion was illegal since late 1800s. However, after U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Roe v. Wade in 1973, abortion became legal in America (Shaw & Lee, 2015). Sadly, the controversy about whether abortion should be allowed wasn’t eliminated but intensified at some degree since 1973. For example, strong oppositions against abortion still remain after Supreme Court’s decision. Many states and U.S. Congress have passed several laws and bills to restrict women’s access to abortion service, such as young women must have parental consent to have an abortion, no abortion in second trimester of pregnancy, and no state or federal funds…show more content…
Metaphorically, a seed is a seed. It’s not a tree. A seed could develop into a tree but it need to go through the developmental process and we cannot simply neglect and skip the developmental process. It’s also true for a fetus. The fetus has to spend nine months hidden in the mother 's womb and then it will be born and become a baby. And the nine months in mother’s womb is an essential process for a fetus to grow and become a human baby. So, the fetus is not a natural human because it hasn’t complete the necessary process which is needed for a fetus to develop into a human. Moreover, the majority opinion in Roe v. Wade case stated that the unborn wasn’t included in “person” in Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution (Brettschneider, 2017). If the fetus is not a person, then abortion is only the termination of a pregnancy and is not on par with killing a human. Second, scientists believe that the fetus cannot feel pain until at least 26th week. Probably as late as 29th week, or even after birth. Before 26th week, the cortex of the fetus is not fully functional so that they are lack of pain perception. To sum up, the fetus cannot fit in with the concept of “human” logically, legally and scientifically. Therefore, abortion shouldn’t be banned in the name of morals. Abortion is a personal issue of women and the reproductive autonomy of women shouldn’t be interfered by any one and in any form. Once a woman

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