Should Abortion Be Legal Today?

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Women have fought for centuries for equality amongst everyone, no matter what color or race. Women today are still struggling for complete equality in many ways such as abortion. “A woman 's right to have an abortion is necessary to ensure full and free participation in society”(Anderson online). A woman has the right to control her reproductive system in privacy, if that right was denied, America, as a society, would not truly be free. In order to have this free society, women’s rights need to be protected and not changed due to the judgement and religious views on abortion. In any case, a woman deserves the choice of getting an abortion, they do not have to justify why they want to get an abortion. Abortion is a constitutional right of …show more content…

Pregnancy related deaths are the sixth most common death for women in America today. To deny people the right of getting an abortion is unsafe, especially for the women 's health. A major Pro-life argument is that the fetus can feel pain, making it morally wrong and murder. “According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, a fetus does not have the capability of sensing pain due to the fact that their neural development has not yet matured enough for a connection between the cerebral cortex and thalamus to allow the fetus an acknowledgement of pain.” (Anderson online). Although the fetus may have a heartbeat six weeks into the pregnancy, the brain does not begin to take form until the third trimester. After the third trimester, the fetus can feel pain, and that is the reason as to why abortion after that point is illegal. Therefore, the fetus can not feel the pain of an abortion, if aborted before the brain starts to develope pain sensors. Rape, underage pregnancy, incest and financial problems are all examples of situations where a woman might want to get an abortion. Truly, in any case, women deserve the right to have a choice of abortion. If a woman was raped and impregnated by the rapist, she has the right to abort the fetus, just as a woman in risk of her

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