Should Abortions Be Legal?

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Around the world about 26-53 million induced abortions occur every year (Ikeanyi). Through legal means in countries that allow abortions or through illegal means in countries where abortions are not allowed, women everywhere are finding ways to terminate their pregnancy. Although the question of whether abortions should be legal or not is a very complicated questions, there are clear and definite reasons as to why it should be legal. Women should have the choice to end their pregnancy because sometimes the baby can be born with birth defects, because women would just find a way to have the abortion illegally, and because it is the choice of the women. First, with today’s technology doctors are able to solve the problem of knowing if a child will be born with a birth defect or a fetal anomaly. However, even with the technology to tell if the child will be born with a defect, this still provides a problem for the family as they have to choose whether to keep or end the pregnancy. Although, “termination of pregnancy when abnormalities are present is unlike any other form of loss and it is a relatively rare event,” it has nonetheless happened and has demanded families to make a difficult but necessary choice (Coleman) The choice to end a pregnancy is not an easy act and can have serious detrimental effects on the mother afterward. For example, when a mother is told “they are carrying a child with Down syndrome, 92% choose abortion,” because they believe it is the best for the

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