Should Collegiate Athletes Be Paid? Essay

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Should Collegiate Athletes be Paid? Do you think college athletes should receive a salary for playing sports? This topic is very highly debated within the sports world today. As of right now collegiate athletes do not receive any form of cash into their pockets. These athletes have virtually no time to obtain a job and receive money that they need. Collegiate athletes should receive payment, participating in athletics is a job, they bring loads of money into their schools, participating in athletics is time consuming, they must miss a lot of time out of class, athletes do not have the same competitive drive, a scholarship is not always guaranteed to the athletes. Participating in athletics is essentially a job for college athletes. These athletes spend countless hours on the practice field, studying film, working out, as well as traveling for games. Robert McCormick who was an attorney for the National Labor Relations Board said “There are more demands put on these young men than any employee of the university.” The athletes are under complete control by the coaches and must follow what they demand from them. The physical demands that are placed upon the athletes should also make what they do be considered a job. The athletes must work out and practice to become better players as well as perform well in games. Those athletes who earn a scholarship can lose them at any point in time. Scholarships are given on a yearly basis so athletes must work to keep their scholarship
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