Should Creativity Be Taught? Schools?

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Should creativity be taught in schools? While we slowly progress into the future with technology by our sides we start to deteriorate the very thing we strive on for evolution. As the human race wants more and indulges itself in TV’s, cellphones, Internet, and mindless if not worthless problems we become blinded by the bigger problems facing us today, starvation, extinctions, war, natural disasters, and prisoners to our own physicals wants. Children go to school and learn scientifically but don’t really expand their imaginations on the possibilities of what could be but instead on the factors of can I do it? And if so what is the success rate? Starting Elementary School children start to learn the material required by the school and slowly decline children’s creativity and imagination as they progress into Middle School, High School and College. George Land is an author, speaker, and general systems scientist. He conducted a creativity test on children enrolled in the Head Start program. The children were tested at age five, re-tested the same children at 10 years of age and then again at 15 years of age. “What we have concluded,” wrote Land, “is that non-creative behavior is learned.” Although students are thought to work in groups it still doesn’t justify the lack of creativity but instead strengths the rules and regulations students are thought to become good workers and following instructions. This doesn’t just affect children but everyone. When the

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