Should Crime Rates Be Fallen?

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Since 2010/11, there have been 51% fewer young people coming into the Youth Justice System and 40% fewer young people coming into custody. However, the re offending rates have increased within time. On the positive side, the number of young people sentenced in England and Wales in 2013/14 has fallen by 23% in the last year (Youth Justice Board 2014). According to Marco (2013), the reason as to why crime rates have fallen is due to the increased spending on policing resources and education. Having said that, as the economy struggles to emerge from recession, and as police budgets are curtailed, society can expect crime rates to level out and potentially rise. With this in mind, offense such as burglary in particular has had a drastic fall over the past few years. Importantly, some argue that this is due to the improvements in security, particularly modern systems to prevent vehicle intrusion, have significantly reduced the opportunities for committing crime. Others insist that imprisonment, policing or demographic factors play the most important role. Last but not least, the following essay sheds light into explaining the criminal behavior of young offenders. Additionally, the factors and causation will also be identified, as well as relating various different relevant academic theories in relation to explaining the criminal behavior of young offenders. Another key thing to remember, theoretical perspective transform data into understanding, explanation and steps for

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