Should Drug Laws Remain Restrictive?

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Should drug laws remain restrictive? Well as we learned in the chapter three power point "Globally, 4% to 6% of the world’s population between the ages of 15 and 64 (over 200 million people) reported using at least one illicit drug in the previous year (2010)." These statistics are striking nearly 200 million people across the world have used an illicit drug in the past year. It is logical to assume that number is likely even higher because some people do not want to admit to drug use. so if restrictive drug laws aren’t preventing drug use what is the point of keeping drug laws so restrictive?
Well, I for one believe that drug laws remain restrictive because drugs and alcohol significantly contribute to higher violent crime rates. Week
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I hope you all can agree that a better idea would go after the source of the drugs or even the treatment of the people using them and hopefully in time the number of people using narcotics drops dramatically. But realistically what happens is people using and distributing narcotics are entered into a never ending life of crime because the government punishes the criminal offenders’ absurd amounts that the government knows they cannot afford. So once released from prison or jail these criminals have debts that they have to repay and no way to pay them. So what is the answer? Crime is the answer. That is where the cynical cycle starts all over again and these released inmates find themselves in a familiar situation; trying to make money for reasons that don’t benefit themselves. But, unfortunately, the only way these people know how to make money is deemed deviant by society. My alternative idea to solve the world’s drug problem uses the
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