Should Entertainment Education Be Taught?

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Our world today is filled with new advanced technologies. Children as young as the age of two are able to learn how to use these electronics. Watching television, using the computer, playing with the tablet or an Iphone are few items that interest and keep the children entertained. When no source of entertainment is presented, children will find something that does attract them.Students are more engaged in a learning environment when some sort of entertainment is presented. Starting off a discussion and displaying a question or some sort of hook, whether it relates to the topic or not, will initiate the students and force them to think and make connections. Education in previous generations compared to now has differed. Before, …show more content…

In reality, this is not the case. When the students do not receive the grade they believe they have earned, they are quick to complain and talk to a superior to get the grade they “deserve”. The students then spread rumors about the teachers who fail them and once a negative rumor is spread, students do not want any association with that teacher. If the teacher does not have a certain amount of students to teach a class, the teacher loses their money and to a certain extent, may also be fired. To avoid the issue, teachers make their grading policies easier to gain attention of the students. According to the text, “One of the ways we’ve tried to stay attractive is by loosening up. We grade much more softly than our colleagues….and not challenge -the students” (Edmundson 396). Taking “easier” classes is another route students choose to take. When the students decide in taking easier classes, they limit themselves in majoring is specific courses.This is the way of the current education creating flaws in students curriculum. RSA Animate:Changing Education Paradigms” by Ken Robinson is another author who shares his input on the necessary changes in the current education system and how the current system is affected the children. Throughout the video, he mentions the struggles the millennials go through in a classroom. While watching the video, Robinson claims, “We are getting our children through education by

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