Should Government Provide Free Daycare Centers? Essay

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Should the government provide day care centers for working parents? Parents who are working hard to provide there family a good meal and to pay the rent, the least the government can do for these people is to help out a parent by providing free child care centers for working parents right? Guess what, the republicans and the democrats from congress have been doing something about it. There have at least been 70 bills that have been introduced by both of them, but it seems like the house of representative keep turning down every single one of them. (Noble) Government should pass a law that provides free daycare centers because that would be one thing less that the working parents would have to worry about. Free daycare centers will help a …show more content…

If parents get provided free daycare centers from the government it will make them a whole different people. It would people a lot of opportunities to do something good with them or their families.
Food also isn’t free and by the last few years’ food is going up and it will continue to go up. When government provides things for the people it helps them a lot. Free daycare centers leaves money left over. Then parents could go out and eat in a restaurant with the whole family or go grocery shopping every week instead of every other week. That provides fresh fruit and vegetables for the whole family. This could be some advantages if the government would decide to provide free day care centers, nobody will loose because a parent is satisfied because he/she wont have to pay and they will have some money left over, a daycare worker wont have to feel like if they where working for free because the government would be providing them with a paycheck every week and the government wont have to worry about the money because they can just use some money that they take out of peoples taxes! So it would be a great idea if the government is able to provide the people free daycare centers.
Another thing parents could use money, is that instead of paying for childcare every week or so parents can try to save up that money for a college fund for their child. It is another great opportunity

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